Bhopal-Based Rapper Crew ‘MP04’ Create India’s First 360° Music Video ‘Manmani’


In the city of lakes, Bhopal, hip-hop music was untouched for a long time. Until last year, a few independent rappers collaborated to form MP04- Main Primes 04. This crew recently released the first Indian 360° rap music video called ‘Manmani’ which features Rabbit The Villain, Namish Singh, and Crackhead. The instrumental of this track is created by Ayush Gurung. 

As the name goes, ‘Manmani’ the song depicts their hustle in the city, Bhopal. Rabbit The Villain spits the first verse, and later joined by Namish Singh, and Crackhead spits the last one. The video of ‘Manmani’ is powered by Wizkasterstudio and is directed by Ravindra Singh Parihar.

MP04 might sound like a new name in the Indian hip-hop scene but they have earned lots of love and respect from their state. They have got many tracks lined up that will win a huge number of audience for sure. With the release of ‘Manmani’, MP04 has proved that hip-hop is indeed evolving across the country rapidly. “Hum ladke karte baat saaf thoda akkad ke karte haath saaf, Insaaf milta nahi chhen na padta h manmani se Asaani se dikhta nahi ye raaste bane h paani se” are one of my favorite lines from this track.

MP04 from the very beginning has focused on delivering the truth and real face of the society and also they show their wordplay metaphors polysyllabic and imagination which shows their skills. They stick true to the art and they want to bring quality hip-hop scene in Bhopal which is missing in the city.

We are eagerly waiting for their next releases. It’s too good to see that finally, we are getting hip-hop artists from Madhya Pradesh as well.

Enjoy the track to the fullest by bringing in your earphones and your VR Headset Here: