Bhaari Scene Campaign Is Live! Donate Today For The Dharavi Kids

Mumbai rapper Poetik JustisBhaari Scene campaign for Dhavari kids is now live and is accepting donations. The crowdfunding link has been set up with the help of the NGO foundation Wishberry. As we informed you earlier, this campaign aims at collecting funds in order to provide shoes to kids learning break dance at the Dharavi School of Hip-Hop.

SlumGods crew from Dharavi came up with this unique initiative of starting a hip-hop school in their vicinity. According to the crew, children from around the area who would otherwise waste their time in leisure activities are now enthusiastically learning the hip-hop culture. The school has already started training B-Boys/Girls and beat-boxers who are showing immense calibre.the dharavi project slumgodsThe problem, however, comes in due to the lack of resources. These kids who are punctually showing up to brush their skills are ending up with bruises and peeled skin on their feet because they do not have shoes at all. Resource as basic as a pair of good shoes is something every kid deserves. You can make this come true for the kids at Dharavi!

The amount ranges from mere ₹101/- to ₹ 6000/-. It’s hip-hop for a good cause, do your part and make a Bhaari Scene! All you have to do is go to this link below and make your donation:

bhaari scene poetik justis

Watch this video to hear it from SlumGods themselves about the motive behind the Bhaari Scene campaign.

The campaign is started by Poetik Justis in light of the release of his upcoming music video ‘Bhaari Scene’ which drops on March 13th. Trailer for the same is already out, and it looks sick to the core! Watch it here:

Bhaari Scene Trailer [Poetik Justis]

Hello world, let's create positive change through the power of Hip-Hop music. Here is the trailer to #BhaariScene!More details on the campaign to provide :: SlumGods :: kids with shoes -> and support the campaign! Full Music video drops 13th March!

Posted by Poetik Justis on Thursday, March 2, 2017

It’s time to make hip-hop Bhaari again! Donate what you can, and tell a friend to tell a friend.