“The Best Thing About This Track Is It’s Simplicity.” Encore ABJ | Exclusive Interview

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New Delhi mixtape, “Khatarnaak” is coming out next week exclusively on DesiHipHop.com. It features some of the finest artists from the city and holds some serious hip-hop vibes. Sun J, Yungsta was formerly known as Youngsta Ash, Encore ABJ, Calm and MC Heam are the artists on the beats which were exclusively produced by Prabh Deep. The name of the EP might sound similar to The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective but they’re not to be mistaken.

Encore ABJ is one of the many names that represent the Delhi underground scene to the fullest. Encore is a part of the Spit Dope Inc team and has done prominent battles and cyphers. His track “Savage” is on the “Khatarnaak” EP and his fans are going crazy over the release. Some of them have already heard the track as it is available for streams on Saavn. To know more about “Savage”, I decided to talk to him. Here is my conversation with him.

San Cha: “Savage” is a brilliant sound. What is the best thing about the track?

Encore ABJ: I think the best thing about this track is it’s simplicity. If you really look at the track, it has a very low-key structure. We loved playing with the vibe of the track though. This track was made when we just started getting into this zone of “Seedhe Maut”.

San Cha: A lot of people have already heard “Savage”. How has the track helped your reputation in the underground music scene?

Encore ABJ: To be very honest I didn’t knew that a lot of people has already listened to it haha!! But it felt great to be a part of the project!

San Cha: Which track from the mixtape is your favorite and why?

Encore ABJ: My favourite track off the mixtape would be “Hip-Hop Is A School” by Prabh Deep and Sun J. Sun J just murdered that beat straight up. Prabh did a fantastic job too!! That joint is pure fire.