Best Hip-Hop Music Producers In India You Need To Checkout | Part I

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The rapper is incomplete without a good producer. Without a good producer, a rapper can’t justify his talent. From the past few years, we have witnessed a great talent in the desi hip-hop scene. With their talent, they not only gained popularity in India but also got recognition from other countries as well. Many of them have produced for the international artists as well. Some of them are really getting good work and some them are really doing their best so that they can also achieve something in their respective career.

Here is the list of the best music producer in the desi hip-hop scene you would love to know:

1.Stunnah Beatz

Stunnah Beatz is a Guwahati based music producer who started off as a text battler. He is one of the finest producers in the scene. If you follow desi hip-hop scene then you must know the fact that how good he is when it comes to production.

This year apart from selling beats, he is working with a few artists like Shane, Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka Dax, Jay Mac, Bebe V, Marvin Dolo and will release some albums.

2. Sez

Sez is a Delhi-based music producer. With every production of his, he has proved that he is one of the best producers in the scene. He has produced tracks like “Mere Gully Mein”, “Seedhe Maut Anthem” to name a few. He is also producing Prabh Deep Music’s album “Class-Sikh”.

Sez has won both Jury’s Choice and People’s Choice Awards at Radio City Freedom Awards for “Yeh Mera Bombay”. He also won the Mursday Remix Contest hosted by Beatstars in 2014. Currently, he is producing for Seedhe Maut’s mixtape.

 3. Veer Karan

Veer Karan is a Mohali-based music producer and a recording artist. He is an ex-member of Kala Kurta Gang and with tracks like “Gandhi Ji” featuring Sikander Kahlon and Sady Immortal, Veer has proved his production skills in the game.

Apart from production, he is a very good vocalist. Tracks like “One” and “Aunty Ji” are the perfect examples.

4. Sound Shikari

Deep Bal, professionally known as Sound Shikari, is 21 years old music producer and instrumentalist from Mohali city. Currently, he is living in Tauranga, New Zealand. Sound Shikari started production back in 2013 but he became socially active in 2015 after struggling for almost 2 years to be a pro in the game.

Sound Shikari likes to make all kind of music but he is mainly into hip-hop, dubstep, classical and RnB music. He is dropping his first mixtape next month.

5. Sun J

Sun J is a Delhi-based recording artist and a music producer too. He is the member of Delhi’s one of the finest hip-hop crews, “Khatarnaak Hip-hop Collective”. Apart from rapping, he has proved his production skills as well.

He loves to produce old-school beats. Tracks like “Kameena Mode On”, “Seedhe Slum Se” and to name a few proves that he is good at production too.

6. Infinity

Janmeet Singh, professionally known by his stage name Infinity, is a Jalandhar-based music producer. He is also the co-founder Fateh Motion Pictures.

In a short span of time, Infinity has gained a lot of respect and audience due to his work. He is young but the kind of talent he has is amazing. He got my attention when I heard “7 K.O.D- Kinds Of Destruction” mixtape. The whole mixtape is exclusively produced by him.

7. Susazi

Armed with a strong desire of producing music and trying to tap into the infinite potential within, Susazi is hungry and ready for the kill. After being inspired by many local and international artists, he started to produce at the age of 18.

He equipped himself with the necessary tools and taught himself the art of music production, as he slowly developed his own style. A lot of his work hasn’t been published as he likes to save them for the right time, but he is well known for delivering some real classy flavors on Splash’s “Ascension”. He is a SoundCloud ghost but a producer with raw talent and big dreams.

8. Kru172

Kru172 is the duo from Chandigarh, India, comprising of brothers Navdeep Singh, professionally known as Nottotune and Harsimran Jit Singh, professionally known as Lucky. They officially started making music in 2007, releasing tracks “Dil Di Rani” by Nottotune, and “L.U.C.K.Y” by Lucky, both getting a great response from the audience.


Kru172 means “Kru” meaning a crew or a band, and 172 meaning 1 for the Unity, 7 -across 7 seas, and 2 for the 2 MC’s, that’s the duo. Recently, they produced a track for Dee Mc’s “Taking My Time”.

9. Big Deal

Big Deal is a well-known hip-hop artist in the Indian hip-hop scene. He produces all the beats he raps on. In addition to that, he produces beats for other rappers and singers as well. Big Deal is a Banglore based artist by the way.

Big Deal

Last year he won the Radio City Freedom Awards for best hip-hop artist of 2016. He has also created songs for big brands like Colgate, Nissan Datsun Redigo, Tixdo, Red FM.

10. Diefferent

Diefferent formerly known as KingaRhymes is a Mumbai-based hip-hop artist and a music producer too. He makes hip-hop beats and experiments them with various genres such as the house, dubstep, bass, rock/metal, and ambient.

He is also the member of Mumbai’s Finest. He has won three awards last year for best hip-hop song jury choice, best Indie collaboration jury’s choice, and best hip-hop song people’s choice at Radio City Freedom Award 2016.