Best Hip-Hop Music Producers In India You Need To Checkout | Part II

In the previous post, we discussed the best hip-hop music producers in India. Now, we have decided to put out the follow-up for that piece. There are a lot of dope producers in India. We decided that we should divide the list into two parts. As per the demand, here is the second part of “Best Music Producers In India”.

1. Bigg Slim

Prabh Dhimaan, professionally known as Bigg Slim, is a Mohali-based music producer. He is one of the best producers in the scene. I have personally heard his beats and trust me this guy is a genius. His production level is on another level.

You can check his music on the track like “Son Set” which features Lil Golu and “Chick Main Hoon Brown“. Just hear the beat and you will find out how dope he is.

2. HHB

Akash Yadav is popularly known as HHB and he is a Mumbai-based music producer. He is working with SlumGods.

HHB’s beats have been used by some of the finest underground rappers in the scene. Rappers like Poetik Justis, Mc Heam, Hardknock and much more has worked with this dope producer.

 3. Adro

Aadhish Mohan is widely known as Adro. He is a Mumbai-based hip-hop artist and produces beats as well. He is working with Mumbai’s Finest and there is a reason why Adro deserves to be on this list.

You can check his work on his recently released tape #NOFUX. Every single track on this tape is produced by Adro. He didn’t use any samples and did this by pure programming with trap souls.

4. Yawar

Yawar is a Delhi based hip-hop artist. Apart from rapping and singing, he is a dope music producer too. You can see his production skills in tracks like “Sautan” which features Harjas and “Mili Rahat” featuring Raga.

5. Rxge

Abhinav Bhanot, professionally known as Rxge, is a Delhi-based music producer and a hip-hop artist. He is a young talent but his skills are commendable.

At this age, he is producing like a pro. Mad respect to this boy. We wish him all the best for his upcoming projects.

By delivering such kind of music, these boys have changed the whole underground scene. Now from onwards, we expect more from these guys.