The Best Hip Hop Crews Of All Time

In this present hip hop generation, you could say the crews are bigger than what they were in nineties. The madness of hip-hop has increased a lot and it is now full of groups and crews, from ‘Odd Future‘ of West Coast punks to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music and many more.

Here is the list of 10 best hip hop crews who made their impact on the genre and have added their own style and swag to hip-hop.

10. Murder Inc.


Later called ‘The INC’, the group was founded by Chris Gotti and Irv with Ja Rule. Later Bobby Brown, Charlie Baltimore, Vita and Lil Mo were associated with the group. Currently they are not making any music but there are rumours that they will be back.

9. No Limit


Created by Master P, the crew originated from West Coast and took the South by storm in 1994-95 with the new Southern Hip-hop style. The crew was known for its distinct sounds, flashy album covers and different style of hip-hop which eventually included Snoop Dogg in the crew.

8. Boot Camp Clik


Started by Black Moon and Buckshot, the crew from Brooklyn made their debut in 1992. Smif N Wesson, Heltah Skeltah and OGC the joined the group and created the Fab 5. They released a total of four albums in which some of the tracks were highly popular and appreciated.

7. Ruff Ryders


The group initially started as management but later on turned into hip-hop crew in the late 90’s. This happened after the blasting debut of DMX’ ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ which was popularly known for Swiss Beatz productions and motorcycling.

6. The Firm


The crew more looked like a supergroup which was formed by Nas in the mid 90’s and included AZ, Foxy brown, Nature, Cormega. The group debut with the album ‘The Album’ which was one of the most anticipated album of the year at that time. But, this was the only album from ‘The Firm’ crew.

5. Wu Tang Clan


Not much needs to be said about one of the finest and most influential crews in hip-hop industry. Wu Tang was a movement and spawned hundreds of songs, many albums, classic slang and fashion.

4. BDP


Boogie Down Productions, one of the finest crew created by rapper KRS-One and Scott La Rock. The crew is responsible for several hip-hop anthems as well as battle records. The crew introduced D-Nice to the world who provided the Beatbox at that time.

3. Hit Squad


The Hit Squad was a 90’s hip-hop crew formed by Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith better known as EPMD. The crew split up when EPMD separated but he re-joined the group. Even after split and formation of the group, the Hit Squad is still one of the dopest crews hip-hop have ever seen.

2. Native Tongues


When the hip-hop was constantly going in one direction, some like minded guys came together including De La Soul and ‘The Jungle Brothers’ and made a crew which totally went to the opposite direction. They are considered as one of the most electric crews hip-hop has ever seen.

1. Juice Crew


If talking about No 1, it had to be the ‘Juice crew’. The crew featured two of the top 5 greatest lyricists in hip-hop history, Marley Marl productions, the most feared female emcee of the 80’s and a respected Beatboxer. The Juice Crew captured hip-hop of the 80’s and are considered as the best crew in hip-hop history.