Best Hip Hop Remixes And Hip Hop Tracks Using Classical Music

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Hip-Hop/Rap and Classical music are two different genres. Their difference is noticeable in sound and music itself. The audience and appraisers of the two types of music are very different as well. Both these genres of music are viewed very differently in the society.

Practically, all Rap/Hip-Hop artists compose their own particular verses. In light of this, most hip-hop tracks are often direct, unapologetic and offensive. Most hip hop music instruments are electronic, and computer generated. It is additionally made out of customised musicality and syncopated serenade, for example, beats and rhymes, drum and voice. Rap/Hip-Hop is known to be a type of expression that is discovered profound inside old African culture and oral custom. Amicability and tune are frequently barred from Rap/Hip Hop tunes. Tuning into rap melodies, you may discover bunches of tactile. This style of music is delivered for the most part by the African American race.

Both classical and hip hop music have a history. Classical music is considered to be more sophisticated by the people. Classical music also has a strong emphasis on beauty, elegance, and balance. It is usually heard for relaxing purposes. Where classical is mostly just instrument playing, the very talented composers, like rap artists, pen their own music, and lyrics.

Have you ever imagined how this fusion of these two genres sounds like? Check out some of the classic hip hop tracks mixed with a classical beat to find out.

Cunninlynguists – Lynguistics

Hieroglyphics – Classic

Hot Sugar – New York 2012 (Mozart x Jadakiss, Ja Rule, & Fat Joe)

Army of the Pharaohs – Narrow Grave

Braille – Right This Moment