Berlin Based Graffiti Artist Kajal Singh on Perception

Everything is a matter of perspective;kajal-singh-aka-dizy-2-865x577

Berlin-based artist Kajal Singh has the capability to take advantage of every situation she is in and says she owes it all to her perspective. She is a graffiti artist who caught the eye of art enthusiasts and Berliners with her work on the streets.

What does taking advantage of a situation mean for Kajal? It is to be able to relate to people in their situation. While she was aware of her individual talents, she also wanted to meet people who had a connection to art and their perspective on its significance in everyday life.


Kajal, who is also known as Dizy, believes that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary comes from that little extra bit. She says that it is interesting to see what a little change in perspective can bring and she had used that change in an artistic capacity by bringing her unique art to the streets.



Kajal adapted to European culture while she was there and became more relatable to it without compromising her Asian experiences and skills. As someone who was putting a spin on a form of art that was part of the American hip hop culture, it just worked. Kajal’s art idizys-graffiti-piece-for-the-nike-campaign-1-1s a unique form of art and something that is appreciated by people widely because of its authenticity and realness; something that Kajal definitely has in her.

It is very important for an artist to really connect with the audience and when one is not being able to do that, all you need is a  little change of perspective.