‘Beparwah’ GD ft. Gangis Khan & Deep Jandu (Video)


The song “Beparwah” by GD ft. Gangis khan rolled out on 28th January, the music of this song  by a Canadian-born Punjabi artist Deep Jandu and is written by Zain. This is basically a sad song themed on a breakup. GD tried to pull out some emotions by his singing and has succeeded in that, I think. Well, you can feel it more if you had a breakup in past, I never had a breakup so I can’t relate much to it, but there will be a lot of people who will go back in their past after listening to this song.

'Beparwah' GD ft. Gangis Khan & Deep Jandu (Video)

Gangis Khan is a rapper from Toronto, Canada and has rapped in his own raw style. His style of rapping is purely sawg filled, though he doesn’t have a good amount of bars in this track to make a bug impact, he made his mark and showed his capabilities nonetheless.

Overall it’s a good song, and one can have it on his/her playlist. The hook of the song is very catchy and easily gets stuck in your head. The rap also compliments the song very well and with a slick video, it’s gonna start racking up those views.

The hook of the goes like:

“Beparwah.. tu bhuleya yaadan nu bhula ke

Meri saawan de vich tu vasya

Tu rachya..

Beparwah.. tu bhuleya yaadan nu bhula ke

Merii saawan de vich tu vasya

Tu rachya”

Listen to this song here: