BEG Invited You To 3rd Edition Of Their MEHFIL


BEG releases the 3rd edition of their MEHFIL series. It features HighBrow, who is just 16 years old. This series is helping new and upcoming rappers such as HighBrow in getting their name around.


Just like the previous MEHFIL, Mohan Singh opens up the cypher yet again and again with a laid back verse but abstract delivery, he is not afraid to tell that it is because of their efforts that they are getting recognised. Rush Toor comes in on the second verse and among the several things he mentioned, he revealed a few of the things that he underwent while growing up. My favourite rapper from the BEG clique, Guru Lahori follows up Rush and does more than justice. He breaks down his verse in the middle and just vibes with the beat, all of a sudden there is a switch in the flow and he compares it to a Ferrari. The last rapper on the cypher is HighBrow, I encountered him for the first time. HighBrow definitely has bars and with more conviction in his delivery, he can become a force to be dealt with.

It is epic what BEG is doing with the MEHFIL series. It is helping in keeping their fans fed with their music and also allowing newer emcees to share the microphone with them. Check out MEHFIL VOL.III featuring HighBrow right here.