‘Beat Tape X’ by Djay Adx Is A Must Check Out

Djay Adx recently dropped a beat tape called ‘Beat Tape X’ and it is filled to the brim with his signature styles. He has been in the scene for quite some time and also been in the headlines from time to time for his work as a producer as well as a rapper.

He has come a long way from his Nau Sau Bai days and this beat tape is proof. From smooth baselines, progressive synths and a variety of drum patterns and percussion’s this beat tape has it all. Every beat is different and has its own flavour, I would recommend all upcoming rappers get at this tape for practising flows and writing music. My favourite beat from the tape has got to be, ‘All Day’ and who knows I just might drop a track on it.

The track listing is as follows :
2.Work It Mista
3.Brown Beat
4.Bad and Bubbly
5.Dark Inspirations
6.All Day
7.Lies and Losers
8.Mr Heat
10.West Coast 101

beat tape x

This is what Adx told DesiHipHop.com exclusively, “I had so many beats stored up on so many hard disks and pen drives and it was clean up time. Thats when I started figuring out a way to put them in front of my audience and boom “Beat Tape X” was birthed.”

He recently launched his own beatstore and y’all should check it out on too.