Bass Foundry’s New track, “Ready For Aliens” Just Went Viral

Bass Foundry is MC Karma & Shivam Ghai. Karma has always been a wild child, Shivam Ghai is the extreme opposite. These two have been creating havoc for the last few months in Delhi with their brand of bass-friendly tunes under the moniker -Bass Foundry.

Ready For Aliens” starts off with a melodic synth-based track and works itself into monstrous drops and massive basslines. The whole song was inspired by a Mars Attack-like moment which Shivam had at some point. Celestial powers on Epinephrine is the sound that best describes the music for the whole single. The track has already got more than 10,000 plays on Sound Cloud and the king of Punjabi rap, Bohemia himself shared it.

Imagine a shattering ray of 50Hz hitting you at it’s most attractive point. That’s how Bass Foundry describes his new track. “It’s an alien attack done, melodically, he says. Shivam, as mentioned above, is one-half of Bass Foundry, along with veteran Karma who is a New Delhi O.G – the new and India’s first ever dubstep duo. The duo hits the road in support of the Second single – “Ready for Aliens”. Bass Foundry hits your city in August, with a tour to support their EP.

You can listen to to the track here: