Bangladeshi Rapper Skibkhan On His Politically Charged Avatar & Upcoming Release

Skibkhan is one of the first rappers from Bangladesh who started out as a gangsta rapper with his band called Deshi MCs and became a rage among the young adults and school kids while generating outrage among the elderly citizens. The rapper who developed his skills over a period of time started out as a gangsta rapper but eventually social issues became an important theme in his art.


Skibkhan had musical instruments such as tabla and harmonium when he was growing up. He was listening to Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Tupac and Biggie on cassettes, so music was always a part of his life. With Deshi MCs, he explored a space that was enjoyable and writing about things he felt compelled about. His transition to writing about more heavy country-related issues came with time, when he realised he wanted to send out positive messages but also express more about his country. He considers Keno Ei Poth Nile, his old single one of the closest to his heart while in his more recent release Bagher Bachcha, he focuses on spreading the word about the condition of his country; the discrepancies in the system.

Skibkhan believes that he is by no stretch an anti-establishment kind of an artist. He, however, wants to shed light on what really is going on and demands transparency as a citizen of the country. In his upcoming release Shob Chup, the artist makes historic and economic references of Bangladesh and its heritage.