Bangladeshi Hip-Hop Scene- Artist and Crews to Watch Out!



Bangladeshi Hip-Hop is a genre of music and also the culture which covers a wide variety of styles of hip hop music developed in Bangladesh. Hip hop music in Bangladesh is heavily influenced by the US hip-hop culture and was started in early 2000. In recent years, local Bangladeshi hip-hop artists have begun to emerge and perform in the underground scenes in Bangladesh large cities such as Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. As with Hip Hop, the expression of cultural identity with lyrics and talking about Bangladesh’s political and sociological problems makes it a favoured and growing music genre.

Very few artists also fuse with another genre to unite the music industry. In the recent years, Bangladeshi hip hop has not restricted itself to just one genre. It has expanded and now also includes the following of many things like break dancing, street stunts and graffiti writing. Bangladesh has a load of talent in the Hip Hop circuit and thus are showcasing their talent in the Desi Hip Hop underground scene. Thus it is safe to say that Bangladeshi hip hop is now a very hot concept to the new generation.

Every new idea or concept always has an initiator, like in India we owe our Hip Hop culture to Baba Sehgal, just like that the instrumental figure for Bangladeshi Hip Hop culture is Ashraf Babu who started performing in 1992, and that too at a time when hip hop was very unpopular. Unfortunately, he was the only Bengali rap artist of the 1990s and his genre was pop rap. Some of his greatest tracks are ‘Tin Konkal’ and ’31st Night’.

Hip hop culture first laid its foundation in Bangladesh in the early 2000s with the introduction of television channels such as MTV and Vh1 and also the sale of hip hop music in CD shops. Online social networking site also played a major and instrumental role in bringing various underground Bangladeshi rappers together and sharing their music.

Some of the popular artist in Bangladesh are:


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Selling over 1 Lakh units of his first album worldwide, and that too independently is no small feat. ‘Liquidsilva’ has shown himself to be the best hip hop artist across the globe with a unique original sound and voice.

His talent and dedication have afforded him a portfolio of major support acts. And Liquidsilva has gone on to perform with 50Cent, Flo-Rida, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dogg, the Ying Yang Twins, Naughty by Nature, Mobb Deep (G-Unit), Jagged Edge, Chingy, Savage, and P-Money and many more famous artists.

Liquidsilva and 50 Cent’s DJ Whoo Kid teamed up in October 2009 to tour Asia. With 3 houseful shows in India, China and Thailand, they came back to Asia in 2011 and did  5 more shows which rocked the crowd and incidentally left an unrivalled impression on the crowd. Liquidsilva is the next thing in Bangladeshi Hip-Hop circuit.


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‘Lyrical Assassin’s is a Bangladeshi hip hop group based out from Dhaka. They started their journey in 2009 and since then, Lyrical Assassins has been one of the most successful independent hip-hop group in Bangladesh.

They are not like your typical South Asian Hip Hop artists, such that you will find some traces of their culture in their songs. Instead, they are old school and are heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture in the USA. Most of their songs feel like that they have been produced in the USA. If a person was listening to them for the first time, they would say that this group is based out of USA.

All in all Lyrical Assassins are doing a commendable job with their songs and I wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.


Jasper is another one of the most promising artists in the Bangladesh hip hop circuit. Like his counterparts sings or raps in English, but his voice and lyrics are fiery and hot. He has collaborated with artist such as “MC Shaq, and DJ Raf”. Be on the lookout everyone because Jasper is coming in hard and there is no stopping him.


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They were the first ever rapping crew who originated from Moulvibazar, Sylhet in Bangladesh. BadBoys CREW came into existence 4 years ago when ‘DEC da 6’ and ‘Acid DE’ came together in a small city called Moulvibazar, Sylhet in Bangladesh. What was once a group of 2 rappers has now expanded to 8 talented rappers.

BadBoys CREW gives a whole new and totally different meaning to BD Hip-Hop. There is a mixture of sounds influenced by ancient sound, with heavy hip hop beats and some creative flowing.

With the introduction of this new Genre, it created a new platform of Underground Rapping and the Mainstream Bengali audience’s worldwide turned in to greet this type of Bengali Hip-Hop which was at its purest form with open arms. BadBoys CREW opened not only a new chapter but a whole damn book and laid the foundation of a road that allowed other armature Desi Hip Hop admirers to take a stand.

Crew: DEC da 6, Acid DE aka Mr Ninja, Shøký a.k.a Bøstir PØlA, NBN Live, Kayo BT, Pollob Vai, RazOr, X Pro John Boys.


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D- Briggaz is a Hip hop crew based in Bangladesh which was initially formed by ‘MC Aimz’, who is also known as Aiman Khan and ‘MC Friday’ aka Hasan Ahmed which was then joined by Dr.Racool aka Ratul Khan and Chigga aka Asifun Nabi. They formed their group initially at a local hip hop music forum with these young rappers representing their area from different parts of Dhaka City like Uttara, Azimpur, Old Dhaka and Mohammedpur. D-Briggaz has been called for numerous function and performs at private parties as well as they have signed two contracts and a well know crew in Desi Hip Hop

D-Briggaz had earned their fame when Nmn agreed to featured with them in an album titled “Hot Cake”. With their first mainstream hip-hop track “Beder Meye Josna” they garnered numerous publicity. Formed in late 2008 and still going strong in its aim to promote Bangladeshi Hip hop to the world and make it popular and improve the Bangladeshi people’s taste in hip hop music. They have released some popular tracks like ‘Insane Love’, ‘Walk of Life Part-2’, ‘My Game’ and etc. All of these tracks have garnered a lot of popularity and publicity.