Bang Bang – Jeewan Malhi Ft. Manu Ramgarhia


Manu Ramgarhia and Jeewan Malhi released a new track ‘Bang Bang’. The track’s name makes it seems like a probable gangster track but is in fact about the struggle and positivity one goes through to achieve a goal. In the track, they talk about how they went through some bad times but are now taking a step towards their goal.


We have heard Jeewan Malhi with Cash Saini in ‘Paydays’ series and they went ham on that track. Manu has been hustling in the scene for 3-4 years and is one of the fastest Punjabi rapper we have ever heard with a phenomenal sense of delivery. Both rappers are from Ludhiana, Punjab and are growing their own fan-following in the hood.

Make sure you check out ‘Bang Bang‘ by Jeewan & Manu and drop your feedback.