Balance is the Mantra for this South Asian Hip Hop Head

He’s like any other 21 year old South Asian living in the US but he has bigger ideas with what he wants to do with his life and he makes it all sounds so easy. Abhiram Sishtla, is a budding hip hop producer and rapper based out of New York. His parents moved to the States in 1986, Abhiram’s musical influences are rooted in his cultural background. As part of a South Indian family, he was taught Carnatic music and all the values that has always been part of being Indian which helped Abhiram aka HotSamosas find his groove in music.


The 21-year-old is doing a double major in biotechnology and economics at the Syracuse University and developing his music side by side. He admits to not wanting a career in music because the freedom he now has, to creatively experiment with sounds will disappear if it becomes full time and he refuses to crumble under that pressure. Even though Sishtla doesn’t know where he will end up, he has his daily routine carved out. Academics from morning until 3 pm in the afternoon and then making beats and hanging with friends. Balance is the key for him.

While his cultural background became a kind of an imprint on his sounds, the artist refuses to be labelled as a musician; Gorilla Warfare Tactic, a hip hop trio based in New York as one of his major influences.

Musically, Sishtla believes in channeling the emotions and really creating something from what he is feeling. He just made a piece of music that was an ode to creativity. Letting the emotions and the feelings dictate the course of what you are creating. Lyrically as well, writing what one sees around them and about their own life is what gives it an edge and lets people who listen to it feel what you are feeling. Sishtla wants to be happy making music with no judgements and he thinks happiness is something no one can judge.

The student and musician in Sishtla seems to be working in perfect harmony; he knows he wants a great job, plenty of time to spend with family and make more music.