Why has Badshah’s new album not dropped till now ?

In his last interview with Raaj Jones, Badshah said that he will be releasing his debut album, ‘ONE‘ in October or November this year. Well we are already almost towards then ending of November and their is still no clue about the album.

raaj jones badshah interview

In an earlier interview around 2.5 to 3 years ago Badshah told Raaj Jones that he would be dropping his debut album soon. ‘ONE’ stands for ‘Original never ends’. It has now been 3 years since that announcement and Badshah revealed the reason why the album has been delayed. He very rightfully mentions that the trends in Bollywood enter and exit very rapidly and the sound which is in trend takes no time in becoming boring and played out.

I guess what Badshah wants to mention is that by the time he is done with a project the sound which is in fashion changes and because of which the final product is outdated hence he has no choice but to go back to the drawing board and work on fresh blueprints. Sometimes he switches the beat, sometimes he changes the lyrics and sometimes after several sessions he plans to scrap off the project. He says in the interview that no sound can stay in demand for more than 6 months hence it becomes difficult to perfect the sound.

badshah raaj jones interview

As for features he says that it would be a solo body of work and would be having no to minimal collaborations. There are 8 to 10 tracks on the album and will have enough flavors to cater to all types of listeners varying from mainstream to hip-hop.

We do not know when the album drops but are waiting for it as eagerly as you are.