Badshah’s First International Collaboration

In a recent candid interview with Raaj Jones, Badshah discussed a number of topics put forward by the interviewer, topics such as his use of autotune, what competition he feels he has in the desi hip hop scene and how his video was attacked by hater. There was one thing however that struck out the most to us, his revelation of his first international collaboration and who it was with.

raaj jones badshah interview

Badshah’s been steadily killing the home scene with smash chart toppers Kala Chasma & Driving Slow, amongst a string of hits over the past 12 months. But it seems that the star now has his eyes set on international scene and is pulling in some hip hop heavyweights to make his international debut. When asked by Raaj, who’s he’s looking to work with, Badshah explained that his first international collab will be with no other than the legends Sean Paul and DJ Shadow.

We’ll keep an eye out for more news on this but until then here’s a track from each to keep that fire burning.