Badshah – “Someone paid to spam attack my video”

DHH was first to break the news that Badshah’s ‘Driving Slow’ video was immediately attacked by his haters and quickly added 10k ‘thumbs down’ on YouTube when the track only had reached 5,000 views.


In a recent interview with Raaj Jones, Badshah spoke openly about the incident and laid down his views on it. Starting on the subject, Raaj Jones, mentioned that he saw the video when it was released and there were roughly 1,000 ‘thumbs up’ and 10,000 ‘thumbs down’ – Raaj followed with “Yeh kya hua…?”. Badshah then replied saying that he was perplexed and quickly came to the conclusion  “yeh spamming hui hai”.

He went on to explain that his digital team raised the issue with YouTube and said “finally hume pata chala kis logo ne kari hai, un logo se phir baat hui aur unho ne bataya ke hume kisi bande ne paise diye hain, lekin hum bata nahi sakte kis ne diye hain”. He then stated that YouTube closed down those accounts but they were not able to remove the ‘thumbs down’ – “thorda sa dukh hota hai” he said at the end.

Spamming videos is nothing new in the music and entertainment industry but this incident was something that caught peoples attention as it was just so obvious.

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