Badshah And Raftaar Chill Together On Dil Hai Hindustani

Badshah and Raftaar have known each other since their days together in ‘Mafia Mundeer’. I don’t know how much of this is true but I have heard stories that during their struggling days they were travelling in auto’s and having samosas and chat around NCR. Their hard-work has got them to a point where Badshah is judging a talent show and Raftaar being a guest on it.

Badshah and Raftaar Di Hai Hindustani Image

This week’s episode of ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ which was aired on Saturday and Sunday saw some great performances. It was dedicated to all the Indian festivals where the contestants sang different festival songs.

It started with a pretty rock-solid performance by the Euphony group. Raftaar was blown away by Simran Raj and gave that little girl mad props for the splendid performance. The bonding between Raftaar and Badshah was a class apart and proved that time, fame or money did not dilute their bond.

Raftaar who was the special guest on the show also gave a killer performance! He sang the super hit song ‘Dhaakad’ from the movie ‘Dangal’. It was composed by him and drove the crowd and fellow judges crazy. He made all the contestants sing it along with him.

After Raftaar was done performing, the show turned a bit emotional as one of the contestant’s Siddhanta’ background story was revealed. Raftaar and Badshah encouraged the contestants and showered them with compliments and praises.

Cut to the Sunday episode where again the contestants amazed the judges and blew their mind with spectacular performances. Finally, comes a smashing performance by the judge and the guest, Badshah and Raftaar. Their bond is a class apart and together they set the stage on fire! Leaving everyone helpless to groove along with them, and Raftaar bid adieu to show.

Watch the episode of Dil Hai Hindustani for yourself and see what we are talking about here: