Badshah’s Interview with Raaj Jones


Delhi ka sabse filmy launda‘ aka Raaj Jones has been working incessantly, catching up with various rappers and discussing their journey’s, getting the insiders scoop on what’s going on in the artist’s life.

badshah raaj jones interview

His latest interview was with the current janta’s favorite rapper Badshah. The interview started with the discussion about his latest hit, ‘Kala Chashma‘. He also tried to justify his cause behind RECREATING such an iconic track and how important it was to keep the original essence of the track. He goes on to mention that he was expecting a few negative reviews but that did not matter to him. He spoke to Raaj about the current trend of ‘Recreating’ and what are it’s pros and cons. He was put on the the spot by Raaj Jones when he was asked about singing with Autotune. Badshah defended himself by saying that there are plenty of rappers doing it and there is no harm if it sounds good.

When asked about competition, ‘Badshah’ went on to say that there is no competition for him and the only person he is competing against is himself. I am not sure what he meant by that line but that maybe an article for another day. As inquisitive as Raaj always is, he asked Badshah about his conflict with Indeep Bakshi, (Indeep Bakshi had subliminally said that he wrote for Badshah in Kala Chashma) Badshah denied all allegations and also spoke openly about how important it is ‘getting the credits’ for an artist. A little further in the interview I had expected that there will be some sort of discussion around the bot attack on Badshah’s video, ‘Driving Slow’. Badshah openly confessed that he was hurt by it but the track is doing exceptionally well, he honestly wishes for such negativity to be suspended from the scene.

raaj jones badshah oye fm interview

Badshah was also asked why he removed the video for Justin Biebers, ‘Sorry‘, he giggled and told that it was due to a notice on a monetization issue which he had received (Thank god).

There was even a pleasant surprise in the interview, Badshah is aware of Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s ongoing health and mental issues, he put all his issues with Honey Singh aside and he wished a speedy recovery to his so called arch-enemy. He also spoke about idolizing Yuvraj Singh and what he means to him, he spoke a little about the project they are working on together but did not reveal much due legal constraints.

Rapper spoke about his struggle, his humble beginnings and how difficult it was to break the stereotype of becoming something that your parents expect you to become. There was a huge smile on his face when he was talking about his upcoming album which should be dropping round December. There were a couple of inspirational quotes in the interview which are surely going to be influential to the new and upcoming rappers.

He also unveils the news of his first international collaboration which will feature Sean Paul and DJ Shadow. This is in fact a huge announcement and we are looking forward to it.

To know what else they spoke about watch the interview here :