Badshah & Eminem – The Real Story

So, you’ve all probably read the news by now that Badshah doesn’t find Eminem’s music anything special right…? The story first reported by The Hindustan Times, caused quite a stir online and lead many people to question if Badshah, a self proclaimed rapper, knows anything about rap at all..?

badshah hindustan times

Badshah took to Twitter to clarify his position and set the record straight. He seemed quite disappointed at how what he said had been taken and twisted to form the headlines it did.

He followed with clarification on what he actually thinks about Shady…

Finishing with throwing back to a tweet he posted in 2013 with the caption ‘

We saw the flurry of insults hurled towards the man who’s been pushing hip hop and rap into the mainstream for a while now. If it wasn’t for artists like Badshah, it would be much harder for underground artists to gain any type of exposure. Artists like Badshah and Raftaar have made hip hop and rap a household term, whether you agree or disagree on what they create is actually hip hop/rap is besides the point.  

If you are one of those people who actually thought that an artist such as Badshah didn’t rate Eminem as the Rap God he is, then you’re a fool – stop believing everything you read on daily tabloids would be a good stat.