Badshah Discloses His Life On ‘Son Of Abish’

Badshah Son of Abish Image

For the people who are regular on the social media networking sites and websites, ‘Son of Abish’ is not a new thing. Well, to be honest, it is just the Indian version of ‘The Tonight’s Show‘ with Jimmy Fallon. So, all jokes apart, it has garnered quite a large number of fan following and has shifted a majority of the Indian audience from all daily soaps to something which tickles your funny bone. ‘Son of Abish’ is hosted by none other than Abish Matthew, who is a comedian. Abish is very well-known among the comedy circle and has performed with the ‘All India Bakchod‘ and much more.

The episode which aired last night featured our favourite rapper Badshah along with comedian Mallika Dua. And believe me guys, the show reached a zenith when these two celebrities came on the show.

Well, in the course of the show, some interesting facts regarding both of the guest were revealed. He recounts an incident from his childhood when he was around 11 years old. One morning his sister came to him and asked him to go shopping with all of the money she had with her to shop. Badshah agreed but at the back of his mind he has gut feeling that something is not right. So anyhow, both of them went to the nearby market and his sister asked him to buy anything he likes. Badshah asked as to why is she not buying anything for herself, to which she answered that she want him to shop only. As all of this was going on, Badshah saw that their father was marching towards them and was visibly angry. Seeing this, Badshah made a run for the house but his sister got into the hands of their father and was scolded. The main motive of his sister to take him for shopping was to give him a birthday present since he had not received any gifts on his birthday. She also knew that G.I. JOE’s were his favourite characters.

Next Badshah recounts that his stage name was not Badshah when he started rapping. It was ‘Cool Equal‘ and there were two reasons for the name. First was that it contained the word ‘Cool’ and second that it was a part of his email identity which he thought at that time, was unique. Badshah did his studies from St. Stephens College from Delhi University. So, when Badshah was giving his interview which he was sure that he will not clear. He was asked a series of questions which he didn’t know the answers of. He did mention that his favourite subject was Mathematics. He was then grilled with questions from maths to which he gave correct answers in a calm and cool manner and that is how he got into St. Stephens.

Now about Mallika Dua. She is the daughter of the famous journalist Vinod Dua, who we all know from the show ‘ZAIKA INDIA KA‘. Mallika is both a comedian and an actor. She did her schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road and did her graduation in acting and theatre from the Franklin and Marshall College in the USA. Mallika is known for her Instagram and Snapchat posts which she posts by playing roles of various different personalities. For example, Shagun Didi. This episode of Son Of Abish was more special with the appearance of our own desi hip hop  star Badshah.