Has Badshah Become The New Yo Yo Honey Singh

First time I heard about Honey Singh was in 2007 because of his controversial track ‘Ch**’ along with his friend and crewmate Badshah; they were part of a collective called ‘Mafia Mundeer’. The next I heard of Honey Singh was in 2010, he was featuring in a lot of Punjabi tracks and suddenly grew popular in Punjab. In 2011, he launched his album, ‘International Villager’ and we all know what followed after.


From 2011 to 2015-ish, Yo Yo Honey Singh had become a household name and was in almost every Bollywood movie with a club banger to his name. While all this was happening, his ex-crewmates, included Badshah and Raftaar,  started entering the mainstream after several instances and rumours. Raftaar had gone ahead to have a glorious career and is still making music for movies and working on his album.

He also releases a few underground tracks every now and then just to keep his fans informed that he is still in the game. Badshah also had his share of hits in the Punjabi industry and entered Bollywood with a bang. Yo Yo Honey Singh started fading away in later half of 2014 due to health reasons. A few months ago he opened up about his Bi-Polar disorder and also about his drinking problems.

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s void was filled by Badshah who has been churning out commercial hit after hit such as ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai‘, ‘Kar Gayi Chull‘ and ‘Dj Waley Babu‘.


From a layman’s perspective, both Honey Singh and Badshah have a similar sound which includes groovy beats, majorly party-themed lyrics which comes along with glamorous videos, but there is a difference. Badshah has mentioned in various interviews that the music he makes for the mainstream is because of the demand. He has displayed his skills as an MC in his past tracks like ‘Bandook’ along with Raxstar, his recent release ‘Driving Slow’ and several other tracks and cleared out the reason why he is where he is.

Honey Singh has often been a topic of discussion when it comes to the ability to compose proper ‘Desi Rap Music’, a few ex-crewmates and people who he has worked with have also said that even though he is a fantastic music producer, he is not a very talented lyricist.

Love it or hate it but your favourite artist will always get replaced by someone else and the above is just an example for the same. Badshah will not reign mainstream music forever or will he ?