B3 India Art Of War: Find Out Who Bagged The Titles & Who Got Body Bagged


If you missed out on Art Of War by B3 India, this is your chance to get the inside details of what went down. Earlier we gave you a gist of the whole event, and here we have for you the highlights of the sickest battle rap day in India!

The Cuckoo Club in Bandra was the perfect host for this time’s B3 event. The crowd was refreshingly enthusiastic and Elsewhere’s Kav-E and Noxious-D kept them glued with their sick emceeing.

1 AM vs Rapture

The event began with the exhibition battle between Kolkata’s 1 AM and Bombay’s Rapture. Both the emcees brought their best to the battle ground and got the crowd roaring with energy. Rapture‘s experience backed him up delivery wise, but 1 AM surprised us all with his tight verses.

1AM VS Rapture B3 India Art Of War

Encore ABJ vs Jay Sehgal

Hindi battlers Encore ABJ and Jay Sehgal both representing Delhi put on a show for the Bombay audience with their rhyme schemes. Encore ABJ edged this one with his Seedhe Maut partner MC Calm, who made an appearance in one of the rounds.

Encore ABJ VS Jay Sehgal B3 India Art Of War

Infamous vs MC Kode

One of the most important highlights of the day was the battle between Infamous and MC Kode. Both the emcees have their fair share of experience in battling, and naturally, they put on a show for all. It looked like Infamous had the crowd controlled, but soon the game changed. MC Kode emerged as a winner being the first Clan Leader of Battle Bars Bombay. Least to say, a lot is in store for him!

MC Kode VS Infamous B3 India Art Of War

After a short break, the crowd gathered back at 4:20 PM (not even kidding!) This was followed by a sick cypher session featuring Divine, Delhi Sultanate, Seti X, Enkore, Poetik Justis, D’Evil, MC Calm and yours truly, Dee MC! Soon after which the Grandmaster Quarter Finals kicked off.

B3 Art Of War Cypher Divine Dee MC Poetik Justis Enkore D'Evil Seti X MC Calm Delhi Sultanate

Shaikhspeare vs Shreyas

With the first battle between Shaikhspeare and Shreyas, the heat started rising. Bar after bar both the emcees gave their best shot, throwing dope punch lines for the audience to reflect on. Pune bagged this one with the judges going for Shreyas over Shaikhspeare.

Shaikhspeare VS Shreyas B3 India Art Of War

E.M.F vs Sai

Bombay battlers E.M.F and Sai both had their A-game on but were on separate levels. E.M.F. proved why he is considered to be a veteran in the battle rap scene with his fierce delivery. Sai, on the other hand, was prepared for his toughest opponent, but not prepared enough. E.M.F. proceeds to the semi-finals of the Grandmaster Title match.

E.M.F. VS Sai B3 India Art Of War

The Quixotic vs X-Centrik

It was certainly a good day for the Delhi scene as another win was secured in the third battle. The Quixotic flipped the rounds to his favour and left X-Centrik shaken for a bit. Definitely, one of the most intense battle rap matches we have seen!

The Quixotic VS X-Centrik B3 India Art Of War

After a quick appearance by the Mumbai’s Finest who co-hosted as well as performed at B3, the main event went down.

Mumbai's Finest B3 India Art of War

That Dude AJ vs Hardknok

Kolkata VS Pune was undoubtedly the best battle of the day. The first round was taken by That Dude AJ, while the second round clearly belonged to Hardknok. However, the third round led to That Dude AJ winning it by a close call.

That Dude AJ VS Hardknok B3 India Art Of War

Needless to say, all the emcees made the hip hop scene proud! Props to the B3 India team for pulling off such an amazing event.

Lots of exciting news following up, stay with Desi Hip Hop to know more about Battle Bars Bombay.