B-Karan’s “Letter To My Ex” Has An Important Message

Balkaran Singh Rana is professionally known by his stage name B-Karan. This Delhi based hip-hop artist recently released “Letter To My Ex” and shared his feelings and thoughts about his ex. “Letter To My Ex” revolves around a simple heartbreak story. B-Karan produced the instrumental himself and handled the post production as well. Ashish Arora has shot the video at Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, a famous tourist spot in the capital.

B-Karan, in his earlier days, was associated with a hip-hop crew called Youngest Killas. He has worked on tracks like “Late Night” and “Hathiyar” alongside GeeCee and Honey Baba. Before he stepped into this game, he used to listen to a lot of Eminem. After working for almost 4years, B- Karan was not getting any support in the music industry and decided to learn music from the Beat Factory, an institution formed by Gaurav Dayal to do justice to his work in a way he always wanted.

B-Karan has always picked topics from real life incidences and write songs for people who have been through the same or something similar. If you’re going through a heartbreak, this one is going to increase your pain.

 Stream “Letter To My Ex” Here: