These B-Girls From India Are Breaking Their Way To The Top!

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India’s Hip Hop family cannot be complete without the contribution of females and these B-Girls are shattering all set records. Hailing from India, these five female breakdancers have broken all stereotypes that came their way. Killing their opponents with an equal amount of sass and fierceness on the dance floor. Desi Hip Hop salutes the spirit of these ladies and brings you a list of their history and achievement.

B-Girl ShawtyPink (BEASTMODE Crew):

Residing in the outskirts of Mumbai is one of the most active B-Girls in the scene. Pinky Sathe a.k.a. ShawtyPink from BEASTMODE Crew is no less than a beast who is hungry for more titles. Shawty has bagged two titles already; 7 To Smoke Floor Hustle and Challenge Cup Chennai. Pinky is also a fitness model winning the 1st and 4th place in the Jerai State Tour in Goa and Mumbai respectively.

bgirl shawtypink beastmode

B-Girl Musick (FreakNStyle Crew):

Shraddha Kutty a.k.a. Musick from FreakNStyle Crew is truly a pioneer in the breaking scene. She has represented India in many international hip hop dance championships at places like Thailand, Taiwan to say some. Musick bagged the 2nd place in BOTY South Asia B-girl Battle Solo. Musick also works passionately for the clothing line Mighty Soul initiated by her crew. She is currently in Washington, spreading the wave of hip-hop as she goes!

bgirl musick shraddha musick kutty freaknstylz

B-Girl Amb (Roc Fresh Crew):

Credited for being the first B-Girl from India, Ambarin Kadri a.k.a. Amb cofounded her crew Roc Fresh in 2009. Naturally, she is recognised for her contributions to the scene being in the game for so long. Amb represents India as the B-Girl ambassador for the Indo-German Cultural Exchange, for which she flew to Germany to take part in a panel discussion on women in Hip hop. Amb can rightly be termed as a role model for aspiring B-Girls in India.

ambarin kadri bgirl amb roc fresh crew
B-Girl FlowRaw (SmokinSkillz Crew):

Just for her passionate efforts, Deepa Singh a.k.a. FlowRaw from SmokinSkillz Crew deserves to be on this list. Starting in 2014, Deepa has managed to steady climb the ladders of breaking scene and is now one of the most active female battlers in it. Despite the barriers she faces in personal life, her determination and will to learn have earned her the respect of all the pioneers in the game. We hope to see her shine more!

deepa singh bgirl flowraw smokinskillz crew

B-Girl RA (2BDecided Crew):

Ranjitha a.k.a. B-Girl RA is one of the few dancers from the Southside making waves in the hip-hop scene. Ranjitha went by the name Snoopy for a while and she began her career in dance at the tender age of 14. RA has been actively travelling to Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India to participate in different hip hop jams. More power to the Southside, and we hope RA is able to inspire more girls through her journey.

ranjitha snoopy bgirl RA chennai