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Hip-Hop Defeats Rock Music! Is There Hope For Desi Hip-Hop?


Hip-Hop was developed in the United States in 1970. Basically, hip-hop has five elements that are MCing/rapping, Djing, Breakdance, Beatboxing and Graffiti with the universal element being Knowledge. As a matter of fact, the genre got its recognition when block parties became…

DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Nah? (W/1)

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We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely directed towards the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience. Without any further…

Hot Hollywood Hip-Hop Music Videos/Audios Of The Week


This week we witnessed some dope releases by hip-hop artists. Some released their music videos and some released the official audios of their track. We thought to shed some light on the recent releases from the western hip-hop artists. You…

Raftaar Has Another Surprise For His Fans!


Yes! you read it right. Raftaar is planning another surprise for his fans. Since he is in Delhi, he is making tracks back to back. This time, he is done with a track which features newly signed DNH artist, Deep…

Ikka Singh Released A Mellow Track And Announced Another!


Rapper Ikka Singh delivered another hit track “Jaan Laggeya” with Rishita. Earlier in his interviews, Ikka confirmed that he is going to drop several tracks in the coming months. After the success of “Kurta Pajama” and “Shuruwat”, Ikka Singh is back with…