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Pardhaan Is Dropping A New Track Today


Pardhaan has been in the news for taking shots at Pakistan’s army and earned a lot of hate from his fans worldwide. A guy who has delivered tracks like ‘Meri Baari Hai‘, ‘North Side‘, ‘Game Time‘, ‘Rapper’s Delight‘ and several…

Is Bohemia Dissing Someone In His New Album?


Bohemia’s ‘Skulls & Bones: The Final Chapter‘ came out yesterday and everyone felt the impact of its release. My news feed was filled with posts related to the release of the album and everyone was praising Bohemia. After one day of…

Guru Lahori Is About To Release ‘Woh’ Tomorrow


Hassan Javed is widely popular as Guru Lahori in the desi hip-hop scene. His work stands out and I can guarantee you this since Bohemia himself adulated his ability on camera. Guru is a part of famous rap crew B.E.G. which stands for…

Muhfaad | ‘Sab Mazze Mein’ (Video)


Desi Music Factory has been supporting a few artists for a while now, and Muhfaad is one of those names. His first track with them was ‘Aji Mera Ghanta‘ which came out as a banger and they’re back again with ‘Sab Mazze Mein‘….