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Haji Springer links up with Omer to drop another banger


US based Desi emcees Omer and Haji Springer dropped a fire flex on Desi Hip Hop with ‘Tu Jaanega’. In this single, we see Omer and Haji flexing on a fire beat spitting Hindi, Punjabi and English rhymes. Haji has a Hindi Travis Scott vibe going in his verse too. Check the video out below to know more.

Divine plants his flag in ‘One Side’


Divine has been grinding it out for the past number of years and is one of the artists that we've supported since the Hip Hop journey began. Undoubtedly, he has won hearts, minds, and crowds of hundreds of thousands in the past few years. With an ambition like Divine's, it's only his Divine right to reach the top. 

King Diamond Tut brings Old-school skills in the New Era


He decided to merge the two worlds and create music that tells a good, positive, lyrical message, while carrying the essence of new-age instrumentals, delivery and flows. With a slew of records planned for the year, this man's got a loooot locked up in his closet that's about to blow up.