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3 Rap Acts That Got Screwed Because Of Contracts


Many independent artists hate the idea of getting signed to a label and put an end to their independent grind. Being signed is not at all negative but a part of evolution for an artist’s career. As a matter of…

50 Cent Could Face A Lawsuit For Punching A Female Fan!


50 Cent is known for his aggressive persona. The “G-Unit” vibe was recently seen when he was performing with The Lox at “The Baltimore Soundstage”. During his performance, he ventured towards the crowd in an attempt to shake hands with his fans. Out…

Raftaar All Set To Perform In Gurugram!


If you haven’t seen Raftaar performing live, then you are missing out on one of the best on-stage performers. He is known for his energetic stage performances and this time he is ready to give a performance in Gurugram. Yes, you’ve…

How Hip-Hop Might Suffer Because Of Youtube.


Youtube’s new policy gathered a lot of controversies all over the internet. Youtube opened the doors five years ago for the people who want to upload content and immediately start making money off it. The new policy states that the…

Bohemia Announces The ‘Spring KDM’ Sale


First and foremost, Bohemia recently announced the “Spring KDM” sale on his social media.This sale is a token of appreciation presented to his fans for their constant support. The sale discounts all products up to 40 % on the website. In conclusion,…

Shenaniganz Represents ‘Dilli’ In Their Latest Drop


Shenaniganz, a crew coming out of New Delhi is back with their second official music video. Their track ‘Dilli‘ is out now. Shehnaniganz consists of three members Iron Thought, The Rebel Seven and OriJin who represents the underground scene to the core. The beat for ‘Dilli’…