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Shocking Turn Of Events Post Chester Bennington’s Death!


Linkin Park fame Chester Bennington committed suicide and the world is moping for the loss. However, in a shocking turn of events, some ruthless matters have unfolded. Heartless maniacs are already making memes about the singer’s death. If that wasn’t…

Poetik Justis And MC Heam Present S.O.S. Anthem 


Mumbai-based production house Revolt Art Technology is coming out with Sound of the Streets (S.O.S.) hosted by MC Heam and Poetik Justis. The music podcast will explore different genres with hip-hop being the main focus. Currently, they have dropped their…

WHOA! Did EMF Just Diss Enkore?


Did EMF Just Diss Enkore? Yeah, you read it right! Bombay rappers EMF and Enkore seem to be going through a rough patch right now. An unexpected diss track was dropped by EMF without any direct name calling. However, it…