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What The World Expects From South Asian Hip Hop Artists?


Recently I, Dee MC and Naezy were invited for the Alchemy fest hosted by Southbank Centre in England. My first international tour as an emcee has given me an insight like never before. Being introduced to a whole new audience…

MC Heam Declares Kalyug Is Here


Delhi veteran MC Heam is all set to shake the underground with his upcoming track ‘Kalyug’. Fans have been anticipating the release of this video for quite a long time now. Known for his killer Hindi rhymes, Heam is no…

Sneak Peek Of Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher


Hip Hop collective Bombay Lokal has put out a sneak peek of what went down on their first Street Cypher. Bombay Lokal organized first of its kind Street Cypher in their area taking inspiration from the roots of hip hop…

Bombay Lokal Faces Police Harassment During Street Cypher


Hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal held their first biggest cypher this Sunday on the streets of Mumbai. As expected, the law had to interfere. Now, while it is true that a public gathering needs permission from the city, it is unfair…

Do Not Miss Bombay Lokal’s Street Cypher This Sunday!


  Hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal is going to organise a Street Cypher this coming Sunday and guess what ? the event is open to all! The recently formed group is all set to give a street performance with extraordinary hip-hop skills to showcase….

Is Naezy VS Pardhaan Rap Battle On Its Way?


It seems like audience might soon get to witness a rap battle between Naezy and Pardhaan. Both the rappers seem to be working on projects for a Bollywood movie. Naezy recently revealed in an interview that he has sung for…