Australian Artist Phize’s Hip-Hop Connection with Bangladesh


Hip-Hop artist Phize is using music to communicate his love for different religions and cultures. In his latest video, the artist shares his experience of filming in Bangladesh, and in turn telling his audience how patient and amazing the Bangladeshis and the Muslims are, he was permitted to shoot on top of a mosque. Phize combined that and footage from in and around Liverpool which is his home ground for this video. His intention was to show the divide between a first world and a third world country while keeping intact the positivity that Bangladesh vibrates.

Shot from Phize ‘In Perspective’

The track taps into the inner turbulence of people who struggle to find their purpose and appreciation throughout their life. The song that released in August has been getting regular radio play in Dhaka and Phize is now working on three collaboration singles with Bangla Mentalz, Black Zang and SandmAnn (Green Coast) which is kind of a turning point in the artist’s career. Phize has a background in classical and jazz music and has been trained to play the clarinet and jazz saxophone, other than that, he loves writing poetry. His growth as a musician happened over time as he played gigs at Cobbitty Markets in classical bands. He combined his love for lyrics and his love for music by writing words and turning poetry into bars.

Phize was a boy of 18 and already in the limelight and touring all over Australia with his new material when he took a step back. He had a few songs but he did not have a sound. The musician realised the virtue of going away to work on material and did just that to take his music to the next level which not only came from what he musically created but from his life. He changed the pattern of his life by joining work as a security contractor in the city which he believes taught him how to interact with people and gave him a deeper insight into what people were craving for musically.


This was followed by his journey to Bangladesh, which completely opened up his mind. His discoveries there changed a lot of things for him; he had no idea there were so many hip-hop fans in Bangladesh. He could draw parallels between how hip-hop flourished organically in Australia and in Bangladesh, the genre growing into its own thing. Not only were his life experiences richer, this Aussie rapper could now Rap in two languages. Phize has been learning to rap in Bangla by taking help from a team of people to find the words the needs.

Phize, which is short for Philosophize, stays true to his name, his art and his life along with his exposure to another culture. He will soon drop his album, whilst working on another one already.