Audio Premiere – Shuruwaat (Remix) | Olvin Ft. moJo

Olvin recently dropped a very meaningful and introspective track called “Shuruwaat“. The track is about how in order to get something done, one must initiate his efforts. He spat his personal trials and tribulations and how his determination helped him through it all. He wrote and produced the track himself.

shuruwaat olvin mojo desi beam

After receiving a warm response, Olvin is now dropping a remix to the track ‘Shuruwaat’ and he gets to feature Desi Beam’s moJo on it. He is extremely happy with the type of response that he has been getting and is looking forward to this release as well. It would be interesting to listen to someone with a flow as laid back as Mojo’s on such a beat and topic.

I caught up with Olvin and this is what he had to say :

SLYCK : The original track was great, what got you to do the remix ?

OLVIN : Yeah, I was really happy as I was getting great response from the people for Shuruwaat. At that time i asked Mojo to listen to it & I got really excited when he not only appreciated my job but even asked me to make a remix of this track with him.

SLYCK : How does it feel to get moJo to remix your track ?

OLVIN : moJo is one of the finest underground artists I have ever heard and I am really glad to do a track with him. Now days we meet a lot in the studio and have some discussions on each other’s upcoming projects. I must say Mojo as a person is also a very artistic and a humble person.

mojo desi beam shuruwaat remix olvin
moJo | Desi Beam

SLYCK : How is the response coming along ?

OLVIN : I am getting really good response from the people. A lot of messages I received from all those loving my effort. Personally, I never thought that so many people will listen to it as its dark & motivational rap song as in India, majority of people now also don’t know about the real hip hop. But I am glad and thankful to each and every one out there for supporting me and my work.

SLYCK : What future projects do you have in store and what type of a vibe are you looking to make ?

OLVIN : Right now I am working on my few tracks which hopefully gets released time to time. As i produce my tracks too so it takes time produce and write, both. Hope for the best.

SLYCK : Are you working on a single or a mixtape ?

OLVIN : Currently, I am working on few of my singles and there are few songs with Hardy too. Soon we’ll be releasing a refix as me and Hardy always loves to do some refixes in our own style.

SLYCK : What message do you have for fans and followers ?

OLVIN : l I am really delightful to have such a good people who love to hear my songs, my lyrics, my emotions. I am very thankful to everyone from bottom of my heart. Love to all