Audio Premiere – Mainstream | San Cha x KKG (Remix)


Just a few days ago we heard San Cha‘s posse cut called ‘7uck Mainstream‘. The dude just got picked up by KKG (Kala Kurta Gang) for a massive collaboration and it features Sikander Kahlon, Rob C and Sady Immortal. Mad props to San Cha for upgrading his flow, content and pretty much everything and the whole tracks sounds pretty tight.

sikander kahlon rob c sady immortal

The whole posse is explaining why they have a problem with mainstream and the artists pursuing it. There is a very commercial approach to it, not all commercial music is bad but then most of the fruity verses you listen to in a Bollywood movie provoke every underground rapper. For me it was Immortal who stole the show with a power-packed chopper like flow. It is good to see KKG reaching out to worthy artists and introducing them to a wider audience. In the 5 men present on the track Uday had the weakest verse which could be due to a delivery which lacked lustre or maybe the mediocre or below average content, if ‘first impression is the last impression’ then Uday might never be heard again but regardless I hope if I do get to listen to him he might have done a better job.

There are some really sick bars in the track –

San Cha :
Main delhi 95 on the map laaya,
Tha main kall akela aaj Kahlon mere saath aaya,
Mere bona underground hai adhoora,
Poora rakhi maine class, fuck swag, mera rang bhoora

Saddy Immortal :
Rap Nu Dekh Charda Eh Rahe Ne Sarh Barhe,
Hun Bolde Rap Nu Putha Ehne De Lagg Ge Par Barhe,
Eh Gaana Kaddke Ek Fer Saal Li So Jaande,
Fer Ohi Gaane Te Sir Te Saal Layi Show Laande

Sikander :
Commercial Gaane Karne Painde,
Real Rap Naal Batue Bharey Nahi Rehnde,
Main Karu Dowen Cheeja Karu Dowen Cheeja,1
Karu Hindi Ch V Rap Mere Fans Di Reej Aa

Rob C :
Words naal Karaan play eh meri field jiwen hockey,
Rap ch laa doon Tere kapde te naal Teri Jockey,
Jad aawa Tere shehar mere Moore na Tu bhaunki,
Tenu khawan jiwe roti de naal khaande lauki,
Hun ki kehnde ne Loki Rob C hai bada lowkey,
Ehdi galaan Badi foki saaleyo tussi hoki ?

Y’all can’t sleep on this track, this is absolutely sick!

San Cha and KKG have put some serious effort into the track and have produced a straight up banger. Check it out :