Athletes That Decided To Rap

Apparently a lot of athletes that decided to Rap couldn’t stopĀ their artistic persona from taking over. This is how we got to enjoy some of the most memorable moments from superstars such as Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neil but brace yourselves, these two aren’t the only ones that took a shot at a music career.

Stephon Marbury


During his prolific basketball career, Stephon tried his luck as rapper but didn’t quite deliver the expectations. He shortly went back to focusing on sports and we can’t really say that we miss his rapping skills.

Floyd Mayweather


Floyd is the man that likes to do it all. We’re sure that he also wants to try acting, car racing, and pretty much everything that gives him the trill. However, his attempt as a rapper was not memorable to say at least.

Chris Webber


Chris Webber is another ball player turned rapper. His whole character was associated with the Hip Hop community from the beginningĀ and at some point Chris tried to Rap but nothing memorable came out of that.

Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant

Not many people know this but Kobe Bryant rapped at some point in his career. He later on became a target for his actions but according to him, Kobe isn’t really shameful for his musical performance.

Metta World Peace


Ron Artest was pretty much an attention span through his entire basketball career. The man changed his name In Metta World Peace and was involved in some serious crashes on the court but his rapping attempt tops it all.

Marquis Daniels


Marquis tried to defend his music career by creating a new persona. However fans and sports critics were not thrilled about his music performance and he ended up catching a loss in the public’s eyes.

William Perry


The Chicago Bears player released a song called “The Refrigerator Man” during his rookie season. The song sounded like a typical ’80s song but it still remains as one of the most hilarious moments in baseball and Rap history.

Troy Hudson


Troy Hudson went as far as recording a Rap album after retiring from baseball. Unfortunately the album wasn’t really successful and sold only 78 copies in the first week from the release. What a surprise!

Deion Sanders


Deion Sanders released his album “Primetime” in 1994 and hoped to take the Rap game by surprise. That didn’t quite happen and he ended his music career after the project received mixed reviews.

Shaquille O’Neil


Shaq needs to come first in our top since he’s the best athlete that became a rapper, by far. He got to collaborate with Notorious B.I.G. and fans say that he had what it takes to become successful in the music industry but Shaquille replied that being a basketball player pays better.