AswaAl Speaks About Karma And Poverty In ‘Teesri Aankh’

Abhishek Aswal who goes by the stage name AswaAl is a Ghaziabad-based hip-hop artist who recently dropped his latest track called ‘Teesri Aankh’. ‘Teesri Aankh’ has a dope beat which was created by Syko Beats. Kumar Shivank Shrivastava shot the video for ‘Teesri Aankh’ and Anupam Barrick did the mixing and mastering for the same.

Before ‘Teesri Aankh’ AswaAl released a track called ‘You Can’t Be A Man Though‘ which was dedicated towards women empowerment and their problems which they are facing in this society. The instrumental is taken from Dannyebtracks and the whole track was prepared and recorded in one day. “Nari humpe bhari na par, uske hain aabhaari/ Bechaari bani samaj main jo, ghar ghrashti main fasi hai vo/ Gharwallon par bojh kuch to, ilaaj jo iska sooja inko, ki kardo shadi aur bhejo into” depicts the true story of every woman across the country.

The track is all about the karma you do in your life. AswaAl also talked about the fake ones and about the current desi hip- hop scene. From the Hindu mythology point, ‘Teesri Aankh’ refers to Lord Shiva which symbolises destruction. From ‘Teesri Aankh’, AswaAl wants to convey a message that the lord is watching us and he is having the record of what we are doing. From ‘Teesri Aankh’, AswaAl urge each and everyone that if you see anything wrong, do stand against it! There is a line in ‘Teesri Aankh’ “Bachenge jo saare tere acche bure karm , bharam ko tu dur kar, sharam se tu dub mar/ Hue hadse ke samne, khada tu hai chup kar” which depicts that if someone is doing wrong then you should take a stand as one individual can make a difference.

I liked the second verse of ‘Teesri Aankh’, “Tu baat ko tu dekh jisme shiksha ho, pareeksha ho ya na, rickshon se bhi chalte ghar yahan”. AswaAl covered all the phrases in ‘Teesri Aankh’ from karma to poverty and about the fake one’s as well.

Do Check Out His Track ‘Teesri Aankh’ Here: