Asian Americans Livid at Rapper YG’s 2014 Song ‘Meet the Flockers’

Time is sensitive and so are people. A song called ‘Meet the Flockers‘ by a California-based rapper YG is causing distress because the content of his music says “First, you find a house and scope it out. Find a Chinese neighbourhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts,” This is followed by a detailed description of how to go about a residential robbery specifically in an Asian home and “Flockers” who specialise in this activity tell the listeners all about their stealing methods; Flocker being a slang word for a burglar.


The song was released on YG’s debut album in 2014 called My Krazy Life which acquired good reviews back then because it was focusing more on the four singles and less on this song which only got a passing mention. Things have changed after two years; there is a nationwide campaign to ban Meet the Flockers and rapper YG and have his producers investigated by federal authorities.

It is definitely something that has outraged communities and the message and purpose of the song which is to rob an Asian’s home is something the authorities think is in bad taste and just outright criminal. The song’s crime instigating motive is crushing. A petition has been sent to the White House to ban the song from public media and investigate legal responsibilities of the writer. This has found support with over 100,000 people signing it.

How did the song come back into the picture after two years of its release? Apparently, there was a robbing incident in a Chinese household, where the woman open-fired at the robbers and killed one. Right after this incident, ‘Meet the Flockers’ started surfacing on social media.


In his defence, YG says it was not against anyone and that he was just portraying what is already part of the West Coast culture where kids in their 20s steal and break into houses and he did the same thing. However what YG doesn’t realise that Asians, especially women who live alone are targeted because there’s a notion that they keep money stashed in the house and videos and songs like YGs’ only helps support the wrong notion and is highly dangerous.