Artists From Northeast Share Their Experinces

Three up and coming rappers DSquare, Mr. Bunny, and MC Menace from the Northeast are coming out with a new track, dealing with the political and social uneasiness in the Northeast and the discrimination faced by the population from the area. It draws on the personal experiences of the rappers and other people who have faced numerous hardships over time.

This song comes from a part of the nation that has been broadly disregarded and overlooked, where mainlanders don’t recognise its people as real Indians. It’s a track that celebrates the strength of the people who have tried and succeeded in ascending the chaos and loss that characterises their lives.

DSquare, from Nagaland, and Mr. Bunny from Manipur are the members of a rap duo that goes by the name ‘The Poetic Revolution’. They are beginning to make a mark on the Indian rap scene with their appealing sound and profound lyricism.

The track is a tribute to the people from the Northeast, to those individuals who have faced terrible situations and have even lost their lives due to bigotry and hate. Its message is that we are all members of this heavenly country, India. Each rapper spat some good bars and spoke about the current scenario of the country.

The instrumental on this track has been produced by Mr. Bunny and Hess Gujjar. Imdad Talukdar mastered the track, while the video has been directed by Chirag Sharma and Sunil Kumar.

Listen to ‘Haq‘ By DSquare, Mr. Bunny featuring Mc Menace here: