Artist in Focus – Raga

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The next artist in this series is Raga. I first met this dude at the shoot of ‘Capital Punishment‘ and there has been no looking back since. A full of life guy who loves to rap. He spits about how life is in the Capital but in the ‘Jamnapaar‘.

He carries a multiple syllable twisted flow in Hindi which is distinct enough to get you to notice him. Lately he has been killing one track after another and getting the nod by O.G’s such as Raftaar. He is affiliated with and has been dropping some really good stuff on it.

raga artist in focus jamnapaar

As of now he has not revealed if he is dropping a mixtape or will he just cater in singles. I had a detailed chat with him about him as an artist and what is store by Raga, have a read :

Slyck- For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself to them ?

Raga- I am Raga my real name is Ravi Mishra. I am a producer, rapper, lyricist and a performer.

Slyck- In our previous meetings you were busting English rhymes and they were good if not great. What made you to switch to Hindi ?

Raga- When I started writing, I focused on English and Hindi rap both together for 5 years, I was influenced though Bohemia the punjabi rapper. I switched to Hindi as I felt it connected with this crowd and through this I have found Raga and a new style in Hindi rap.

Slyck- Who all do you chill with and what is your definition of chilling ?

Raga- We the ‘Artisttaan’ family mostly chill and work together at the same time so life is chill. Music is itself a better way to chill.

raga harjas

Slyck- How does it feel when artists such as Raftaar mention you in one the bests from the capital ?

Raga- It feels great or I can say it is very motivational for an artist who has been switching styles for the past 7 years. I don’t consider myself the best in the game. I am best in my style and vibe so is everyone else in theirs.

Slyck- What is Raga currently involved in, can we expect a mixtape or something soon ?

Raga- I was lately busy working on a new ReFix which is a surprise. A track titled ‘ NAYAK ‘ releasing this 10th of September on Artisttaan official YouTube channel. I am more focused on collaborations and singles as per now. Let’s see if I can make it my first masterpiece.

Slyck- Name some of your favorite international and national hip-hop acts ?

Raga- I simply love listening to everything whether its international or desi and never put something on my favorite list as it makes me be as original as I am.

Slyck- What do you think about the DHH scene right now ?

Raga- My personal experience with DHH was good as they released one of my song called HHMS (Hiphop Mera Shauk) . They really help by giving a needed first push to any new desi rap artist now a days.

Slyck- Anything you would like to say to your following ?

Raga- Raga is a story, keep listening to this one and you will put the me among the best in the playlist and get the best for your ears.