Artist in Focus : Krtk Muzk who was formerly KeepSake


For those of you who know that Keepsake changed his name to Krtk Muzk, well good for you and for those of you who did not know well here you go.


I caught up with the proud Delhite just to see what has he been up to. Krtk is a very down to earth and humble being and believes in living a simple lifestyle but loves music more than anything. He has his own segment of following and is often looked at as a mentor by various local underground artists. His poetic delivery along with out of the box content sets him apart and is always a treat to the listeners ears.

I caught up with him to find out what all is Krtk involved in at the moment.

Slyck – To start with why did you change your name from KeepSake to Krtk Muzk ?

Krtk Muzk – I changed it because there is a band in America with the same name. The band was active till 2003 as per wikipedia but for some reason they have started promoting their music again. Initially, I thought that since the band is not active poeple will not get confused but there are some people who keep on tagging wrong ‘Keepsake’, Which obvioulsy is very annoying. So, I decided to use my real name with a little bit of variation in the spelling.

Slyck – What is Krtk Muzk currently upto ?

Krtk Muzk – is currently producing and trying to collect funds for his debut music video. I have left my job to focus on music 24×7. I want people to know me as an artiste and not as a guy who does 9 to 5. So I have taken some projects and I am working 24×7 and trying to improve my craft as I go along.

Slyck – Rumors are that Krtk is working on an album. Is it true ?

Krtk Muzk – The rumors are 100 percent true. I am indeed working on an album but it is too soon to say anything about it. I have been working on it since the starting of this year and I think It will take a year more cause I have still not achieved the sound that I am looking for.


Slyck – You have even started producing for several artists as well as yourself, tell us a little about that ?

Krtk Muzk – Yes, since I have left my job. I have to work to support my family, pay my bills and other necessities. So I am doing the thing that I know best which is making music. I am producing a song for HindiRapSoldier also I am working with DeeMC but it is too talk about it apart from these two there are some local artistes who are relatively unknown.

Slyck – Who are your favorite International and Desi acts ?

Krtk Muzk – International acts – Yelawolf, Drake and Travis Scott. Desi acts – Kru172, HindiRapsoldier and the ‘hk’

Slyck – What do you think about the Desi hip-hop scene ? Also what is your review of the burgeoning scene in the capital ?

Krtk Muzk – Desi hip hop scene is flourishing with talented artistes. Although personally I cannot relate to none of them specially who are from my home town. But that’s just my opinion. I have been doing this since so 6 years now and I think that this year people have started accepting Indian rap as musical genre and are starting to take it seriously.

Slyck – Which rapper/producer would you like to collaborate with ?

Krtk Muzk – None at the moment. I have been collaborating since last 2 year and all I have got is pain haha. I am not collaborating with anyone nor am I going to ask anyone to collaborate with me.

Slyck – Describe the creative process behind putting down the track with Siri and DonnyJ ?

Krtk Muzk – In this song, you can certainly hear my new sound. This is the kind of style you can expect from me in future. I do not want to be the stereotypical Delhi rapper. I have always spoken the truth and I will keep on doing so. Siri and DonnyJ are two very talented artistes who were kind enough to give me their vocals.

Slyck – Any message for your fans and followers ?

Krtk Muzk – To my fans and followers, thank you for supporting me throughout. I hope you all will continue to do so. It is because of you people that I am able to what I love. So Thank you for that. I love you all.