Artist in Focus : Ikka / Mr.Hanji’s Journey.


In 2010 I came across the group Nau Sau Bai (922) which comprised of Ikka, JB and AdX. The track ‘Nau Sau Bai’ was their anthem and spun heads in North India. The crew at that time was being mentored by Gaurav Dayal, who is still one the most reputed, skilled and knowledgeable music dignitaries present.


Ikka has gone ahead to have an illustrious career and has been responsible for several mainstream hits. His tracks like, ‘Bad Girl‘ and ‘Tequila Shot‘ have played out rounds on radio, T.V, clubs and his tracks like ‘Half Window Down‘ and ‘Sheesha Down‘ also go ahead to prove his dexterity as an RnB artist and kill it when it comes to the urban new school mainstream sound.


During his journey Ikka has been accredited with several nick names like Ikka Singh and Mr.Haanji by his fans. One thing which cannot be hidden is that a lot of folks have doubted his ability as an emcee to spit, but Ikka successfully defends his ground with tracks like ‘Sapne‘ in which he used lyricism as a medium to show what his dreams are made up off and the track was also featured in the first season of MTV Spoken Word. I also remember catching up with him at KRU 172’s studios and having a freestyle session of sorts and let me to tell you that Ikka Singh has got BARS.


Mr.Haanji has a very diverse catalogue and has something for everyone. Looking at his discography thus far one can easily say that Ikka loves to collaborate, he has collaborated with Hardy Sandhu, Dr.Zeus, Diljit Dosanjh, JSL and many more to create some top chart busters.

It will be exciting to see what sort of a direction will Ikka take from here and what does 2017 hold for him.