Looks Like There’s Actually A Bohemia Biopic Coming

Roger David or Bohemia is considered as the pioneer of a very popular genre Desi Hip-Hop. From its origin to his current status today, he is the only one who has been there from the day this genre was introduced. Roger’s fans respect him as a god & there’s no doubt about it. Kali Denali Music‘s boss has been associated with several big names from both of the Desi & Western music industry.

Bohemia is appreciated with a reputation of being a lyricist, music producer, recording artist, composer & a pianist. His works have been featured in several Bollywood movies in all of these years but he has always tried to live a low-key life by avoiding the bright lights of the movie world.

In a recent interview with Navbharat Times’ Online Portal, Bohemia talked about a biopic that he’s been working on to inspire aspiring rappers & the youth in general. This biopic will be based on Bohemia’s journey of being what he is today from the day he was a nobody. He also confirmed that he has been writing the story of his life by himself.

Bohemia was quoted as saying “See, People have been getting my name & face tattooed on their body to show love & respect towards my art. At this position, a biopic which is focused on my days of struggle will give a sense of inspiration to the youth. I’ve spent my childhood in poverty but I’m a renowned rapper now. This journey has always been interesting. So, for now, I’ve started writing this biopic by myself (Translated)” by Navbharat Times.

Bohemia & Akshay Kumar
Who is going to play the role of Bohemia on big screen? In answer to this question, producer Vijay Shekhar Gupta suggested the name of Akshay Kumar because of his affiliation with Bohemia. Akshay was the person who brought Bohemia’s music to Bollywood from his movie Chandni Chowk to China. Bohemia has always shown respect to the Khiladi.

Although, there’s no confirmation from Akshay Kumar on this news but we have a confirmation from Bohemia’s side. Bohemia shared this article on his social media to confirm the authenticity of this news.

His fans are super excited for this biopic as Bohemia is the most respected rapper in the game right now. No one can that this movie is going to be an epic. What do you think of this story? How excited are you for this biopic?