Are Lazarus & Snoop Dogg working on a track?

As you may know, Lazarus has been involved some really big things recently and is planning to release some new material this year with big artists like Bohemia, D12 and many more. Doctor/Rapper posted a picture with Snoop Dogg on his Facebook page, Check the screenshot below –


Do you feel a possible collab with one of the illest Old School Rapper from West Coast is on the cards…? Lazarus is planning to drop his album ‘Music Is My Medicine‘ soon, there are no official dates released by the rapper yet but we feel like the time is coming close. It is also rumoured that MTBK (Bohemia & Lazarus) track is going to release really soon, but there is no confirmation or release dates confirmed regarding that. But both the rappers did share a picture on their social media, have a look at the screenshot below from rappers Facebook page –