Aranya Johar Recites A Verse On, “A Girls Guide To Gender” And You NEED To Listen To It!

Hip-Hop was born as a medium to express the emotions and feelings of an oppressed class. It is always inspiring to see someone use it to spread a message across and Aranya Johar did exactly that. Over the past few months, there have been multiple debates revolving around gender equality and feminism. It is very visible that in our country that women struggle more than man.

We are living in a world where women are proving to be equal to men in all spheres of life. But India is still taking its own sweet time about it. Aranya recited a poem which encompasses the various consequences of such an ancient mindset. She discusses the various prevalent forms of gender bigotry, that women deal with starting at the age of six, twelve, and even thirty-two.

UnErase Poetry uploaded the Aranya Johar clip on their Facebook and it has crossed more than a million plays. Talk about the power of social media. Before you watch the clip, there is another twist to this. I encountered the video on my own and later was tagged by Bombay spearhead Enkore on the FaceBook post. It turns out that she is his younger sister. Genetic or not, the talent this girl has is clearly seen through this.

Check out the clip right here:

"A Brown Girl's Guide To Gender" – Aranya Johar (Women's Day S…

"A Brown Girl's Guide To Gender" – Aranya Johar (Women's Day Special)Watch on YouTube at Video Out Every Tuesday & Saturday!Shot at: Tuning Fork – Comedy and Music Cafe

Posted by UnErase Poetry on Friday, March 10, 2017