Aqeel Sarfraz’ Reply To Pardhaan’s Shots On Pakistan Is Keeping The Hip-Hop Spirit Alive!

Aqeel Sarfraz is a Punjabi rapper who is based in Lahore, Pakistan. He started off doing hip-hop almost 7 years ago and dropped his first single ‘Sathiya‘. After dropping the track, he heard about a rap battle in Islamabad, Pakistan and decided to participate where he won against Sunny Khan Durrani who is from Peshawar, Pakistan.

His connection with Gawky Records took its flight after meeting Raamis at the same venue. He has now replied to the shots that Pardhaan took on Pakistan in his song ‘Unhe Chod Do‘. Aqeel has titled his track as ‘Pardhaan Ko Chod Do‘.


Pardhaan released ‘Unhe Chod Do’ in December of 2016. He spat lines like “Bhai chaara humse jitna marzi baant lo, Par zara sa bhi baatenge Kashmir nahi”, “Maathe pe kare vaar fauji bhai humare, Na thaari tarah target banawe dushman ki peeth”, “Saalo Chinese cheezon se zyada tum fraud ho, Hindustani hi ho na phir se soch lo” and several other bars that were clearly targeted at Pakistan. This act of Pardhaan disappointed a lot of his fans and the audience in general.

According to his fans and the people who were hurt by Pardhaan’s shots, Aqeel has done what was needed the most. To me, an artist should not target any country or any religion but an artist in particular. Aqeel did the same by not dissing Pardhaan, India or any religion. He simply gave a reply to Pardhaan’s mindset and people are claiming that Aqeel has bodied him.

Abdullah Malik aka Rap Demon mixed Aqeel’s vocals that he recorded over a beat that was produced by Syndrome. Gawky Records’ member Traitor shot the video which was then edited by M.ZHE. Aqeel’s flow is something that is going to grab your attention. What do you feel about this issue? Let us know in the comments section.

Watch ‘Pardhaan Ko Chod Do’ by Aqeel Sarfraz here: