Apache Indian’s New Song ‘Mariana’ Premiered On Vh1 India

Steven Kapur, born on May 11th, 1967, also better known by his stage name Apache Indian, is a British artist/musician and reggae DJ. He is noted for an unmistakable vocal style that is a combination of Indian, Jamaican and English social elements. Apache Indian was the most punctual UK craftsman of Asian-cause to have an effect on the UK outlines with a progression of hits amid the nineties.

Born into an Indian family, Kapur was brought up in Handsworth, Birmingham, UK. It was a racially blended zone with expansive Black and Asian people group, home of reggae groups and of artists like Steel Pulse and UB40. By the middle of the 1980’s, he started working with a local sound system after which he grew dreadlocks. After a brief time, he trimmed his hair and started to become well known as a dancehall DJ.

Apache recorded his first single in 1990, “Motion Picture Over India”, at first a white name squeezing, until it was grabbed by the reggae wholesaler Jet Star. The single blended ragga and bhangra sounds and was enormously prevalent among groups of onlookers of both genres. Two further singles followed in a comparable vein, “Chok There” and “Wear Raja”, conveying him to the consideration of the significant names. In 1992 he marked a recording contract with Island Records.

Apache Indian -Mariana- Image

Apache Indian, as a rule, sings in Jamaican patois and is known for his challenging edge to talk about socially cognizant subjects i.e. Arranged Marriage, Aids Warning, and lately in 2015 of Election Crisis. He also has a lot of party tracks like ‘Boom Shack A Lak’, ‘Jump Up’, ‘Girls Dem Fiyah’, ‘Celebrate’.

Apache Indian is back with another album, In Ja. His latest track “Mariana” from the album was premiered on March 8th, 2017 on VH1. The 20-second teaser of the song was released on Vh1, but you could distinguish his distinct vocals and the use of reggae influenced sound with all the sounds of bongo drums along rhythm of a drumbeat, bass guitars, and keyboards, and with his use of Bhangramuffin.

Check out the post by VH1 here:

The music is peppy, lively, groovy, full of bass and it has all the characteristics of how a reggae song should be. It starts slowly with some bongo beats and bass guitar tunes. The song is the description of a woman and how the artist is in love with the very strength and flaws of this woman. He also goes on to say how he could not live without her. Trying to tell how you think when you are in love and how you think only about her and the whole world just zones out. The song is a must hear and I will leave it our readers for the better good judgement.

The video for the track was Premiered on VH1 but is currently not available on YouTube yet. The entire album, however, is available on Saavn, here.

Till then check out the track for yourself and enjoy, because we all need some Reggae in life: