Apache Indian Launches His 10th Studio Album ‘In Ja’

Apache India In Ja Image

The British artist and reggae Dj Apache Indian launched his tenth studio album named “In Ja” recently. The album was released on February 24, 2017, through Sunset Entertainment Group and Universal India.

‘In Ja’ has the following tracks:

  •  ‘Beautiful Girls’

  •  ‘Royal’ (feat. Destiny)

  •  ‘See You Later’ ( feat. Destiny)

  •  ‘Hold U Down’

  •  ‘Heartless’

  •  ‘Marianna’

  •  ‘Save the World’ (feat. Destiny)

  •  ‘My Way’

  •  ‘Time is Money’

  •  ‘Go Down’ ( feat. Jaya)

Put on your headphones to listen to some of the songs from the album below:

‘Beautiful Girls’

The song is about all the beautiful girls in the world and by beautiful he means on the inside and not just on the outside. He says it does not matter how you look on the outside. As long as you are kind, happy and respectful, you will always be beautiful. This is because you rarely find people who genuinely care about others in this narcissist and cynical world.

‘Hold U Down’

The song speaks about the relation between a man and a woman.It tells us that no matter what happens and no matter how each one goes far from each other they will stay loyal to each other. If they could control their fate they wouldn’t let each other go and hence the “Hold U Down”.


The songs talk about the emotions that anyone goes through when they have their heartbroken. The artist says that what has transpired has transpired and that it is time to move on as they are much more people you will meet but it is not as easy as it seems and he goes on to emphasise that sometimes that he couldn’t feel a thing and wished that he was Heartless.


It starts slowly with some bongo beats and bass guitar. It is the description of a woman and how the artist is in love with the very strength and flaws of his woman. He also goes on to say how he could not live without her and he is trying to explain how you start thinking when you are in love. Everything becimes about the other person and everything else zones out. The song also got premiered on Vh1 India. For more information on this song check out our blog on Apache Indian’s Mariana got featured on Vh1 India

‘Save The World’

The features “Destiny” along with Kapur himself. The song speaks about the evil which is plaguing the society and the world. It questions the future of the world, its Destiny. They have put the lyrics of the song in such a way that it connects with the innermost emotions of the human psyche. It connects about how we, humans are constantly working to change our future and destiny to improve it to such an extent that we forget to live in the present moment.

The album is full of energy and a lot of lively, groovy and peppy music. It is a must hear for Kapur’s fans and for anyone who is experimenting with reggae music and the sounds of the Caribbean music!

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