AO Rips It Up in ‘Down The Avenue’




Remember this guy – AO ? The man who collaborated with Haji Springer a couple of years ago – On The Low – is back with a brand new banger.

And this time around, AO’s back with fire hotter than the molten lava deep under San Fransisco! AO’s unique Californian flow always made me think he’d grab the attention of the masses. And this time, I believe AO really did hit the mark with his music. As usual, his brother ‘Shay on the Beat’ – like you didn’t already know – composed the beat. These two brothers together can truly work together like none other. I don’t have a biological brother, but if I did, I swear I would still not be able to emulate what AO’s got going on with Shay!

The track is dope, it defines “cool”, and puts together two dope artists who showcases their expertise in the booth. AO ‘s track got so many hits that it perked the ears of 200,000 listeners just on soundcloud! Not only did AO quench the thirst of his listeners, he’s got some of the dopest DJs in the west coast to tune in. So seriously, dude, click play, and get ready to be serenaded!